Winter pool sessions now running at Les Quennevais
Each Thursday evening till end of November 2014

Jersey Canoe Club

21:08   Saturday, 28th March 2015


Jersey is a small island (9 miles by 5 miles) that lies about 12nm off the coast of Normandy, France. It is the largest of the Channel Islands. Jersey features some world class sea paddling coastline and offshore reefs despite its small size.

Jersey Canoe Club

The Jersey Canoe Club's  website has more content useful for both visitors and potential new members. Please see the Welcome link to the left. Existing members will also get extra functions.Jersey Canoe Club logo

Pool sessions open to all at at Les Quennevais

The winter pool sessions at Les Quennevais are running each Thursday evening between 7:30 and 9pm. All are welcome, members or not. The entrance (£5 for members and £10 including temporary membership for others) covers use of the pool, including all necessary paddling kit: short boats, paddles, spray decks with helments and buoyancy aids if required.

The pool sessions will run till the end of November and then recommence in January 2015.

Advice from the Jersey Coastguard.

All paddlers are being advised to carry details in their kayaks of the owners name and telephone contact details.  A small laminated card with your details is sufficient. It should be taped or stuck to a suitable surface. Due to the nature of kayaks and sit-on-top craft there is no single location that works for every craft. For sea kayaks the recommended location is in the front hatch (if you have one).

Additionally, paddlers are encouraged to file passage plans if venturing off-shore e.g. to another island or distant reef. These can be done by marine radio (Jersey Coastguard on channel 82). Remember to update the coastguards at the end of your trip or if your plans change.

If going to Les Ecrehous, leaving/arriving at St. Catherines, we have noted that you only get consistent radio coverage  when more than 0.5nm out from the end of the breakwater.

Membership renewals

See the Welcome page for full details of the current membership subscription scheme. The basic membership costs for 2015 have, been kept at the 2012 rate, ie no change.  [Membership Form link

New Look

 Thank you for your patience, the new club web site is now online. You may notice some similarities to the temporary site, but the technology now has the potential of adding extra facilities. You can see that there is a Newsflash [top right] for those important items. There is also a membership login, although you will have to hunt for it.

Membership options are a bit limited at present, but as your webmaster learns a little more, the new facilities will be added. There are plans to eventually add in a Forum, Blog, Newsletters and Private message system. There are probably other options, but we don't want to run cross-bow-rudder before we can walk forward-paddle.

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